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I’m Matthew Cottrell, owner and founder of Kingdom Kennels, a unique bespoke international kennels established in 2007, now located directly on the warm breezy beach front in the beautiful Caribbean Island of Barbados.

In early 2007 I moved from Wales in the UK to Barbados with my family.

I brought with me my English Bull Terriers with a plan to show and breed them as well as provide people of the island with a breed they had not seen in Barbados for many years.



Our Work Speaks For Itself ... Experience Matters

After a few breedings, I realized that my passion for dogs was not only bringing me happiness but could grow to a point where eventually it could provide income for my family. There are a considerable number of excellent breeds that I found had no presence here so I decided to diversify into other breeds that would be beneficial to the country and region.

I researched the suitability of the Cane Corso, a beautiful large breed mastiff from Italy, very well suited to people requiring protection for their family home or business whilst also being an awesome all round family dog.

I continued by introducing the English bulldog, French bulldog and American Bully all of which are perfect if one is looking for a lazy, "stay at home" dog. The more active family might lean towards the American Bully not only a great companion dog but a wonderful out and about sporty animal with plenty of personalities.

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Our Objectives

All of our original blood lines were carefully selected from some of the best breeders in the world with the aim of carrying the breed even further forward; my objectives were to produce healthier and fitter dogs with great confirmation and intelligence meeting all the breed standards.


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Our Top Stud Dogs ...

We are currently traveling around Europe showing one of our top stud dogs “Crown”. I am confident that he will do well and bring home some trophies.